Tuesday, April 21, 2009

History is now Available...

Hello Students, hope you people are benefiting from the services provided by Smartlearning.in. As promised, we are bringing to you the lectures of History. Civics will follow soon, so stay tuned...

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Announcing the launch of Smartlearning.in

The Smartlearning Team has worked very hard over the past 1 year to provide you the highest quality education via the latest technology. We are currently offering you the following products:
  1. Solved videos of Math NCERT Sums, Key Concepts and Math Practice Sums
  2. Video + Audio lectures of Science, Geography and Economics
  3. Questions & Answers with audio for Science, Geography and Economics
  4. Model Tests (Chapter wise Tests, Mixed Chapter Tests and Final Tests) for Math, Science, Geography and Economics
  5. Play Games, send voice comments, make friends etc...
The following additions will be made very soon:
  1. Videos of Math Activities
  2. Video + Audio lectures of History and Civics
  3. Questions & Answers with audio for History and Civics, also many more Questions & Answers for all the remaining subjects
  4. Model Tests for Science Practicals, History and Civics. 3 Final tests having 40 questions will be made availabe for each subject
  5. Many more features will be coming soon... so stay tuned